School, friends, and getting lost

allison's exCHange

I’m done with my first week of school and second week of deutschKurs! There have definitely been some crazy things that have happened since my last post.
DeutschKurs is fun. I have class every morning from 8:35-11:15 with about 8 other exchange students in my school. Some with AFS and some with Rotary. I haven’t learned too much, but I think a lot of it is making more sense to me now, which is good! I also don’t speak much German with my host family but I’m wanting to change that. I’m actually working with my host sister, Aline, a lot in German. I’m trying to form sentences that make sense, and I need help most of the time but it definitely helps. And I think my understanding of German has improved a lot in the past 2 weeks.
School is really good as well. I have to walk to…

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