What’s in a Name?

Day 2 of Zero to Hero.  Thoughts on what to name my blog.  Right now, it’s ‘Wolford Counselor’. How creative can that be?  It says the name of where I work and what title I have.  Am I really just ‘Wolford Counselor’?  Have I reduced myself to just those two words?  I hope not.

What is this blog about? Who is my audience?  I started thinking it would be to give information on what the guidance counselor does, but I think it is more than just informational.  I’d like to portray reflective thinking, share my values, thoughts and feelings with other counselors, parents, maybe even students.  I’d like to share my reflections on small things that can become big things, important things when we take the time to notice them.  

What are some good titles? How would I describe myself? How would I explain to someone in two short sentences what this blog is all about and still be able to portray the message I want to convey?

  • Through the Eyes of a Counselor
  • On the Bright Side of Life
  • Keeping up the Heart Work

Blech, this is hard and I am losing my flow.  I’m kinda stuck.  Here’s to hoping that these thoughts will continue and I will be able to gain some focus on ‘What’s in a Name?’  I’m sure I’ll come up with some brilliant idea at the most in opportune time.  I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.




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