So what if I miss a day?

C’est la vie!  Alright, I’ve been busy!  Busier than usual.  The other truth is I just didn’t like the assignment for Days 3 and 4.  I struggled with Day 2 and I feel like my post was pretty lame.  Day 3; What was the idea I had for the first post?  I’m not sure it was a singular idea.  The impetus for me to begin blogging was a person; a person I look up to who is super busy but takes time to blog. Could I do this too?  I jumped in head first and took the plunge.  I just finished my 7th post in less than two weeks.  I am getting closer to getting over the fear of that Publish button.  I’ve even gotten some positive feedback!

Day 4’s post in Zero to Hero is exploring the neighborhood.  I feel like I do that all the time.  Maybe I spend too much time exploring.  I am noticing what draws me to a blogger’s post over another one.  Usually humor, honesty, visually pleasing, ease of navigating the blog, connecting with similar blogs. Here’s to lurking on other’s blogs!

So what is today’s post? Day 5: Love your theme

Starting a new blog is like getting a brand new journal.  I spend a great deal of time looking at journal notebooks and pick out one that is comfortable, is portable, and can look loved after several months of writing.  It is like my best friend.  Something I can unwind with and unload and will feel better after being with it.  There is nothing more exciting than beginning a new journal, deciding how to organize it; asking myself, am I going to fill this with words only, will I put in clips from articles, photos, ticket stubs, sticky notes, tabs, bookmarks?  Unfortunately, the advantages and ease of writing a blog don’t include those three dimensional objects that can fill a journal. The challenge will be to portray that dimension in my theme.  Let’s get to work!


What’s in a Name?

Day 2 of Zero to Hero.  Thoughts on what to name my blog.  Right now, it’s ‘Wolford Counselor’. How creative can that be?  It says the name of where I work and what title I have.  Am I really just ‘Wolford Counselor’?  Have I reduced myself to just those two words?  I hope not.

What is this blog about? Who is my audience?  I started thinking it would be to give information on what the guidance counselor does, but I think it is more than just informational.  I’d like to portray reflective thinking, share my values, thoughts and feelings with other counselors, parents, maybe even students.  I’d like to share my reflections on small things that can become big things, important things when we take the time to notice them.  

What are some good titles? How would I describe myself? How would I explain to someone in two short sentences what this blog is all about and still be able to portray the message I want to convey?

  • Through the Eyes of a Counselor
  • On the Bright Side of Life
  • Keeping up the Heart Work

Blech, this is hard and I am losing my flow.  I’m kinda stuck.  Here’s to hoping that these thoughts will continue and I will be able to gain some focus on ‘What’s in a Name?’  I’m sure I’ll come up with some brilliant idea at the most in opportune time.  I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.



Just a beginning

This is my first personal post, but not my first post.  I also have a professional page.  This is the blog that will help me not only be a better blogger, but I hope, a better person.  This is where I can create, grow, reflect, learn about myself, and learn how to share with others.  I am a pretty private person, so sharing my vulnerable side, my side that I don’t show outwardly, is going to be a journey.  This is why I call this blog, In For the Ride.  I’m in for a new ride, and it’s going to be a journey.

I am following the Zero to Hero blog to help me get started.  My goal is to post at least one per day.  They say that to learn blogging, you need to blog…here goes!

  • Why are you blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal?  Why blogging?  It is new to me, it can be shared, I can edit it, I can get ideas from others, I can get feedback, I can get confirmation.  If I were just to keep my thoughts to myself, how can I help people?  How can i become a better person if I don’t know what I need to change/do?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?  Right now, I have a counselor/work blog.  I am posting information about what I do as a counselor, seeing my school and the world through the eyes of a counselor, helping others to see a little of my perspective.  Maybe if others see things through the eyes of a counselor, more people would have compassion for each other, communication could improve, people could see the other’s perspective and have empathy. Ultimately, I would like my message to portray hope.  Hope in a world that is often self-centered, negative.  I can get overwhelmed with the lack of hope and negativity out there.  I want to choose to see the positive, hope.  I think it will improve my life and relationships and extend my life.  I would like to portray that message.
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?  Other people similar to me, have the same vision, drive to better ourselves through giving, kindness, sharing, learning new avenues to share, reflect, extend our lives, reduce stress, focus on the positive.  Probably other counselors, but just basically people in all walks of life who have similar values, or maybe not.  Maybe I can learn from those who have differing values.  Regardless of who it is, I would like to be able to take the time to reflect on those lessons, learn and grow from them.  And also possibly help others through this process of bettering our lives.
  • If you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?  Less stress, noticing more positives in life, an improvement of my communication skills, whether that is in print or face to face, being more thankful, grateful.